Egg tempera

First you will need a sterilised jar with a lid to contain the medium you will make.

The ingredients and proportions for the medium are:

  • One half part water
  • One quarter part egg (both white and yolk)
  • One eighth part dammar varnish
  • One eighth part linseed oil

Mark the outside of the jar into these proportions to help you mesaure in the different ingredients. Shake them all together.

Place a small pile of titanium white pigment onto a frosted glass sheet and gently mix in some of the medium. Grind this into a smooth mixture with a muller. You are looking for the consistency of thick yoghurt.

Store the finished egg tempera in a small airtight pot placing a piece of wet sponge at the bottom to help keep the tempera from drying out. Store this and the medium in the fridge where it will keep for months.

Use plain water to dilute the egg tempera when you are painting with it.

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