About the artist

Eve left school at 16 with a clear idea of what she wanted to be and do – to be an artist and to paint! She enrolled at Croydon College of Art and completed a two year Arts Foundation Course. She then gained her BA in Fine Arts from Rutgers University USA where she was lucky enough to have as her mentor the acclaimed New York based artist Leon Golub, ‘the most unpretentious artist I have ever met.’

Eve developed a keen interest in the painting techniques of the Renaissance and the ‘Old Masters’ seeking out those who could teach her more. She discovered exponents of the ‘Vienna School’ founded by Professor Ernst Fuchs who had researched the painting techniques of the Renaissance, sometimes referred to as the ‘Mische Technique’ (Mische simply meaning ‘mixed’.) This involves applying layers of under-painting in white egg tempera on a coloured ground, with carefully applied fine oil glazes between each layer. This method results in a jewel-like luminosity of colour. She visited the studios of the Professor and his son Michael Fuchs in Vienna, participating in master classes and conferences, and having worked with this method for several years she now teaches it to other artists.

The next big influence on Eve’s development as an artist was Professor Abraham Pincas of the L’Ecoles Beaux-Arts in Paris who has established a method of teaching that does not separate the principles of the spirit from those of the materials. Eve says ‘His knowledge of the painter’s medium, pigments, and techniques is without rival in the world, and I count myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work under his guidance.’

Eve has exhibited regularly in the UK, the USA, Germany and Denmark. Her work is figurative, often magical, and explores themes like courage, love, awe, delight, peace, contentment, rescue, joy. ‘I feel very strongly that artists have a responsibility for what they put into the world, for what they give life to.’ She accepts commissions for portraits, and is a qualified experienced teacher of painting for adults. If you would like to find out more about commissioning a portrait, or attending a small private tuition group please leave a message.

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